Additional Information about Our Roof Installation Service

Audubon Construction is a reputable roofing company located in Louisville, KY but also helping out the people living within a 150-mile radius. Even though we established our company in 2013, we have been in the business for over 26 years. We offer a wide range of services to the members of the local community and the people from the surrounding areas. However, on this page, we would like to share with you more about the roof installation service that we can provide you with.

The roof is one of the most important parts of any building. It’s the first line of defense against rain, winds, storms, etc. But in order for the roof to do its job right, it has to be installed properly. In case you are constructing a building for your business or a house for your family, you have to hire dependable roofers who will do the installation right. In case you are in Louisville, KY and are looking for reliable experts, you should not look any further than Audubon Construction. We are the local experts who can work with any material and install roofs of all sizes and styles.

Our team is comprised of roofers with extensive experience, great skills, and lots of knowledge about the different types of roofs. We use only the latest tools and equipment available on the market in order to complete each job in a timely manner. Also, we choose only quality materials and products from leading manufacturers, which is why we deliver long-lasting results every time.


So whenever you need a professional roof installation service, be sure to give us a call. We will be happy to help you in any way we can. Dial (502) 238-0554 right away if you need more information or want to schedule a meeting with us!