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When you are searching for a residential or commercial roofing contractor, we are the right choice for you. We provide rubber and metal roofing services, installations and repair, gutter work, prefabricated steel truss installations, and property remodeling.

Audubon Construction, Louisville, KY

Roofing Services

Roofing Installation
Roof Repairs
Metal Roofing
Rubber Roofing

Steel Truss

Prefabricated Steel Truss
Steel Truss Installations
Steel Truss Design
Steel Truss Roofs

Gutter Work

Gutter Installations
Gutter Repairs
Gutter Replacements
Gutter Cleaning

Remodeling Services

Roof Remodeling
Property Remodeling
Single Room Renovation
Complete Renovations

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What Do Our Clients Think about Our Services?

We have worked with countless customers over the years, and we have delivered outstanding quality to all of them. Here, you can read some of their testimonials.
by Anonymous on Audubon Construction

I am so pleased that I found your company. I had some trouble with my roof and I was seriously fearing for my entire house. One day, after a windy night I discovered that there were a significant number of tiles laying on my back yard. I decided to not take any chances, and I started to look for a reliable roofing contractor right away. I saw you guys did an amazing job.

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