The roof is a really important aspect of a house, which should not be overlooked. Since the roof is the shield that protects you, your family, and your items from the elements, you should pay serious attention to what condition it is in. That’s why you need to check it yourself or hire a roofing contractor who can do the roof inspection for you. You should first learn what needs to be checked in a roof before you purchase a home.

3 Things a Roofing Contractor Will Always Check


Ventilation. You have to make sure that the attic is well-ventilated. Through fans, windows, or other means, the roof has to be able to cool down or warm up if needed. If there is not roofing ventilation, some serious issues may occur.
Gutters. The gutters are very important, and if they are not working properly, then not only your roof may get damaged, but the siding and the foundations too. Skip all the headache, and check the gutters for any leaks, breaks, and whether they are attached well to your house. Don’t forget to check the downspouts too.
Roof Leaks. Leaks are never a good sign, but they are not always spotted easily. You need to make sure that, when your check them, you find them and have them repaired. A sure sign of leaks is a brown stain on the ceiling. If you see such a thing, make sure to ask for an inspection. However, if the leaks are really bad, then you need to speak with the seller or go to another house. If there are many leaks, it means that the roof won’t last for much longer, so if you buy the house, you may have to deal with this problem.